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Ecuadorian Storms Bring Further Flood Misery April 4, 2008
Severe flooding in coastal areas of Ecuador this year has wiped out crops and caused an extensive humanitarian disaster.
Severe Andean rainstorms brought further damage to Ecuador, where the worst flooding there in a decade has killed 47 people and damaged crops and infrastructure so far this year.

Mudslides triggered by the ongoing rainfall led to the collapse of a section of highway in the southern province of Loja, isolating it from the rest of the country.

A key interchange in the capital of Quito also collapsed due to a landslide.

The floods are due to ongoing heavy rains triggered by the La Niña ocean-cooling phenomenon in the tropical Pacific.

Coastal inundations have wiped out much of the country's rice crop at a time international rice supplies reached a record high price. Private and religous relief organizations have launched a coordinated effort to provide clean drinking water, food and health care to those in the affected areas.

Government meteorologists say the rains will ease up during April along the coast, but will increase in the mountains and in the Amazon region.

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