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2008 Likely to Be a Cooler Year Globally April 11, 2008
La Niña and El Niño are two natural Pacific currents that produce weather disruptions so vast that they resonate round the world.
The head of the United Nations’ weather agency says that the current La Niña ocean cooling in the Pacific will cause global temperatures to be lower this year than in 2007, bucking a trend toward increased planetary warmth.

Michel Jarraud told the BBC that La Niña’s worldwide cooling effects are likely to continue into the northern summer, depressing temperatures globally by a fraction of a degree.

Weather disruptions caused by La Niña over the past several months have included the coldest winter temperatures in memory across snowbound parts of China, and torrential rains in Australia as well as across parts of Africa.

Climate experts at Britain’s Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research say the world can expect another record-warm year within the next five years or less.

They believe the new record will probably be due to another episode of El Niño, the opposite phase from La Niña in the irregular cycle of ocean warming and cooling across the tropical Pacific.

Animation: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio
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