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Swiss Committee Say Killing Plants Can Be 'Morally Wrong' April 18, 2008
Daisy against a blue sky and green field
To pick, or not to pick. Is it an issue of morality?
A Swiss federal committee raised eyebrows in both the scientific and religious communities by professing that plants deserve respect, and that killing them arbitrarily is morally wrong.

In a report on “the dignity of the creature in the plant world,” the Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology condemned the decapitation of flowers without reason.

Committee member Bernard Baertschi conceded that the sheer pleasure a human might get from picking the petals off a daisy could be reason enough to make it morally justified.

The report stipulates that “all action involving plants in the aim to conserve the human species is morally justified.”

Only a minority of the group’s members said they objected to patenting plants, with the majority ruling the action did not infringe on “their moral value.”

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