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Asian Solar Eclipse: Earth Image of the Week July 31, 2009
The Moon's shadow can be seen passing over Asia and across part of the Pacific during the July 22, 2009, total solar eclipse.
At sunrise on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, the Moon’s shadow fell across India’s Gulf of Khambhat before eventually blocking out the sun along an approximate 9,500-mile path across Asia and the Pacific.

The total solar eclipse was the longest of the 21st Century, with totality lasting about 6 minutes and 39 seconds at its maximum duration over the western Pacific.

The shadow of the eclipse clearly showed up in weather satellite images and movies.

In the sequence of images to the right from Japan’s MTSAT-1R satellite, the dark shadow cast when the Moon passed briefly in front of the Sun can be seen giving a glancing blow to the Earth between India and the Marshall Islands of the western Pacific.

Satellite Data: WebGMS-MTSAT/GMS