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Smoggy Hong Kong Means Economy Is Rebounding September 18, 2009
Hong Kong Skyline at Night
Before the brief improvement earlier this year, Hong Kong’s air quality had worsened steadily since the early 1990s as South China became industrialized.
A resurgence of choking air pollution in Hong Kong probably signals that the worst of the economic crisis is over, according to economists and industry watchers.

There was a significant plunge in pollution levels during the first quarter of this year as factories curbed production or shut down due to the global recession.

But Goldman Sachs economist Michael Buchanan told the South China Morning Post that pollution is once again “reassuringly bad.”

The smog has returned due to factories in the neighboring Chinese province of Guangdong ramping up production to match an increased demand for goods.

It was announced earlier this year that air pollution in Hong Kong was causing at least 10,000 deaths each year.

A study at the time said that half a million people were seriously considering moving, or were already planning to move, because of the hazardous smog.

Photo: Simon Blankenstein - Fotolia