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Caribbean Volcano Spews Column of Ash October 9, 2009
Montserrat Soufriere Hills ash event
Ash soaring over Montserrat on October 5, 2009
Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills volcano shot a plume of ash more than two miles above the eastern Caribbean sky twice on Monday in the mountain’s fist sign of activity in 10 months.

The ash cloud drifted over uninhabited parts of the island, including the abandoned capital of Plymouth that was destroyed in a 1996 eruption, before heading out to sea.

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory stressed that the plume was not part of an eruption or explosive event, just the mountain venting ash.

Soufriere Hills roared to life in 1995, with explosions and pyroclastic flows that killed 19 people and prompted half of the British territory’s 12,000 inhabitants to leave.

Photo: Montserrat Volcano Observatory