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Intense Hurricane Rick Quickly Fizzles October 23, 2009
Hurricane Rick weakening rapidly to a tropical storm on Monday, a day after being a Category 5 hurricane.
Hurricane Rick quickly intensified to become the most powerful storm in the northeastern Pacific in more than a decade.

The Category 5 storm sent high surf pounding into the southern tip of Baja California, where one man was killed when he became overwhelmed by the high waves and was pummeled against rocks at Los Cabos.

The approaching storm and high seas coincided with the arrival of dozens of sports fishermen, most from the United States, who were gathering for a three-day fishing tournament.

But Rick weakened to a tropical storm on Monday nearly as quickly as it had become a Category 5 storm.

It later skirted the southern tip of Baja California, then made landfall on Mexico’s mainland state of Sinaloa.

Remnants of the storm were predicted to later bring beneficial rainfall to drought-plagued parts of southern Texas.

Hurricane Rick Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS