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Indonesian Volcano Considered Holy Rumbles on Bali November 13, 2009
Mount Batur
The status of Mount Batur volcano in Kintamani, Bali, has been raised from "active-normal" to "alert" due to a recent increase in activity
A volcano on the Indonesian resort island of Bali has produced an increase in volcanic tremors significant enough for officials to issue a special alert for tourists and nearby residents.

Mount Batur has also spewed columns of black smoke in conjunction with the rumbling tremors over the past few weeks.

The head of the mountain’s monitoring center, Anak Agung Anom Karsana, told the Antara news agency that people are now banned from climbing the mountain, a popular tourist spot.

The summit is considered holy by the Balinese, with some climbing the mountain on a regular basis to make offerings.

“From 1804 to 2000 the mountain has erupted 28 times with a lapse of one to 39 years,” Karsana told Antara.

He added that Batur last erupted in 2000.

Photo: Bali Daily Photo