Cyclone Phyan Hits India November 13, 2009
Cyclone Phyan can be seen swirling toward India's west coast near Mumbai on Tuesday.

Storm-force Cyclone Phyan brought locally heavy rain and gales to the coast of western India as it made landfall very near the country’s financial capital of Mumbai.

At least four people were reported to have lost their lives in storm-related accidents.

Hundreds of makeshift homes were damaged by the storm’s passage, which brought only about 1.5 inches of rainfall to the flood-prone region.

India’s Meteorological Department said that the country’s western coastline had been struck by 12 cyclones over the past 100 years.

The name Phyan is a Burmese word that means a cherry that has fallen off a tree.

It’s one of 64 words submitted by northern Indian Ocean countries to be used to name the region’s cyclones.

The assignment of names to tropical cyclones was instituted by Australia in the 19th century. Most storms were initially named after the country’s corrupt politicians.

Upcoming names in the northern Indian Ocean basin are Ward, Laila and Bandu.

Cyclone Phyan Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS