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Cyclone Anja Roars Over Indian Ocean November 20, 2009
The compact circulation of Cyclone Anja can be seen at near the height of the storm's intensity on Tuesday.
Cyclone Anja became the season’s first named storm in the southwest Indian Ocean and quickly intensified to Category 4 force.

But it weakened even more quickly as it encountered cooler waters to the south.

Outer bands of Anja brought gales and heavy rainfall to Rodrigues Island about 100 miles to the west of the storm’s center.

When tropical cyclone Anja formed on November 14, it signaled the tapering off of northern hemisphere tropical cyclone activity and the start of tropical cyclone formation in the southern hemisphere.

The Atlantic Ocean hurricane season officially ends at the end of November while the southwest Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season starts on November 1 and ends on April 30.

Cyclone Anja Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS