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Deadly South American Storms and Floods December 4, 2009
Satellite Image
A line of storms can be seen sweeping across far southern Brazil after striking Uruguay and northern Argentina.
A spate of severe storms and flooding across southern Brazil, Uruguay and northeastern Argentina killed more than 20 people, forced thousands of others from their homes and inflicted $2 billion in damage to Brazil alone.

Storm damage to a hydroelectric facility plunged hundreds of thousands of residents of Argentina and Paraguay into darkness.

Many communities were inundated when the Uruguay and Parana rivers overflowed their banks due to days of torrential rainfall.

The floods came in the wake of the worst drought to strike Paraguay and neighboring parts of Argentina in 50 years.

The earlier drought had been blamed on the El Niño ocean-warming phenomenon in the tropical Pacific, which meteorologists say is strengthening.

Photo: Earthbrowser