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Villagers Claim Pakistan Volcano Spewing Lava February 5, 2010
Map of Pakistan
A mud volcano is believed to be the likely source of flames shooting from the ground and reports of what appears to be lava to the northeast of Quetta.
Local officials in western Pakistan report a volcano has begun to spew lava in the district of Ziarat of Balochistan province.

District Coordinator Officer Siddiq Mandokhel told The Nation that lava spewed from a volcano: “I myself visited Jhari and examined the mountain and found 1 meter (3 feet) lava has been spewed.”

Nearby residents claimed flaming fumes could be seen atop the mountain for several nights before the lava emerged.

All volcanoes but one in Pakistan are listed as mud volcanoes, which are not fed by lava.

Natural gas venting is a frequent occurrence at mud volcanoes — a possible explanation for the reports of fiery fumes and apparent lava.

The Nation reports scientists were being dispatched to examine the fiery Balochistan mountain.

Map graphic: Earthweek