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Cyclone Oli Lashes Bora Bora February 5, 2010
The center of Cyclone Oli can be seen passing just to the southwest of Bora Bora.
More than 600 tourists stranded on Bora Bora were forced to take shelter in three fortified resorts as high winds from passing Cyclone Oli halted air and ferry service late Wednesday.

Island residents huddled in schools and government buildings on the central island of the atoll.

Winds as high as 90 mph were reported across Bora Bora — famous for bungalows and connecting plank walkways that are suspended on stilts above its picturesque lagoon.

Despite warnings from the HIgh Commissioner of French Polynesia, most inhabitants on two other remote islands refused to evacuate before severe conditions generated by the storm set in.

Outer bands of the cyclone brought gales and heavy showers as far away as Tahiti.

The cyclone was taking aim on the Tubuai island group of French Polynesia late in the week.

Oli had earlier skirted inhabitated parts of the Cook Islands, becoming the second such storm to pass harmlessly through the archipelago in less than a week.

Cyclone Oli Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS