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Madagascar Drenched by Cyclone Hubert March 12, 2010
The broad circulation of Cyclone Hubert can be seen moving ashore over eastern Madagascar on Wednesday.
An area of disturbed weather between the Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar and Reunion gathered into Tropical Cyclone Hubert early Wednesday.

Maximum sustained winds were estimated at about 45 mph when the storm made landfall on Madagascar’s east coast near the port of Mananjary Wednesday night.

Late reports say that at least 36 people were killed and 32,000 others affected by the storm. Madagascar's National Office for Disaster Preparedness said Friday that many homes have been destroyed by flooding.

Wet and very windy conditions from the remnants of Hubert were expected across much of southern and central Madagascar until the weekend.

Tropical Cyclone Hubert Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS