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Tropical Storm Robyn Menaces Indian Ocean Shipping April 9, 2010
Cyclone Robyn can be seen swirling clockwise over the eastern Indian Ocean on Sunday.
A tropical depression intensified into Tropical Storm Robyn to the south of Sumatra on Sunday, bringing heavy rainfall and storm-force winds to open waters far from any significant land areas.

By Monday, maximum sustained winds had reached 69 mph near the storm’s center, with gusts to about 86 mph, according to data obtained from NASA’s Aqua satellite.

Robyn’s closest approach to any land mass was to Australia’s Cocos Islands, located about 230 miles to the northeast on Monday.

The storm weakened later in the week as it encountered strong upper-air wind sheer at higher latitudes to the south.

Tropical Storm Robyn was a threat only to shipping lanes in one of the world's more remote areas.

Cyclone Robyn Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS