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Tropical Storm Agatha Kills 179 Across Central America June 4, 2010
Satellite Image
Flooding in Quetzaltenango,Guatemala, on May 29 in the aftermath of heavy rains from Tropical Storm Agatha.
Just under 180 people perished in floods and mudslides triggered by the season’s first tropical storm to strike the Americas.

Most of the fatalities from Tropical Storm Agatha occurred in Guatemala, which reported 152 deaths.

The worst storm-related damage occurred in a Guatemalan village in Solola department, where a landslide swept away 25 homes, killing 15 people.

The other victims died in Honduras and El Salvador.

Agatha was a tropical storm for just 12 hours as it made landfall on Guatemala’s Pacific coast on Saturday.

Moist air associated with the storm, lifted by the country’s mountainous terrain, produced up to 6 inches of rainfall within a 24-hour period in some areas.

Tropical Storm Agatha Track

Photo: Carlos Diaz