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Indonesian Temblor Kills Two June 18, 2010
Quake Map of New Guinea
Far eastern Indonesia was jolted by two powerful earthquakes on Wednesday that killed two people and wrecked dozens of homes.

The strongest quake registered a magnitude of 7.0 from an epicenter just off the coast of Papua province at a depth of only 18 miles.

The two victims, one a 5-month-old child, were killed when their homes fell in on them on the island of Yapen.

About 500 homes, a church, government buildings and a power plant were destroyed on Yapen, which is located near the epicenter.

Eyewitnesses say the shaking seemed to last for about one to two minutes.

Fear of a resulting tsunami sent many residents fleeing the coast in search of higher ground, but an all clear was issued about an hour after the shaking stopped.