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Tropical Cyclones Blas and Celila Churn Eastern Pacific June 25, 2010
The separate circulations of Tropical Storm Blas and Hurricane Celia can be seen swirling westward across the Pacific off Mexico's west coast.
The season’s second, third and fourth named storms of the eastern Pacific hurricane season formed in rapid succession off Mexico’s west coast.

Tropical Storm Blas emerged from a cluster of thunderstorms to the south of Mexico’s remote Socorro Island over the weekend.

Unfavorable conditions to the west prevented the storm from gaining much strength as it gradually moved away from the Mexican mainland.

Tropical Storm Celia quickly intensified to hurricane force on Monday, eventually attaining Category 3 intensity far from any land areas.

Celia was predicted to continue to move out to sea through the end of July, posing a threat only to shipping lanes between Mexico and Hawaii.

Residents of Hawaii were said to be hoping remnants of the storm would bring some much-needed rainfall to the state within about a week's time.

Hurricane Darby formed on Wednesday from an area of disturbed weather off the coast of Guatemala.

Tropical Storm Blas Track
Hurricane Celia Track
Hurricane Darby Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS