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Recycled Island to Float Around Pacific June 9, 2010
Recycled Island prototype graphics
Developers say the green living environment on Recycled Island could provide a place to live for people displaced by rising sea levels or other climate refugees.
A Dutch architecture company says it plans to construct a massive island in the Pacific made from the vast collection of plastic that has collected in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” between Hawaii and San Francisco.

WHIM’s Ramon Knoester says the construction of “Recycled Island” will clean out the majority of the Pacific’s plastic pollution and create new habitable land as many of the world’s coastlines are lost to rising sea levels.

A large portion of the new island is being set aside for agriculture so inhabitants can be self-sufficient in food production, Knoester says.

He adds that the use of solar and wave power will help make the venture carbon neutral.

Prototypes of the plastic blocks to be used in the island-building are said to be under development.

If completed, the island would float in a circle around the North Pacific Gyre, remaining in the same general area of mild and relatively storm-free weather.

Photo: WHIM