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Great Lakes May Reach Record Warmth July 30, 2010
Great Lakes Temperature Graphic
"All of the lakes are either at or approaching their normal temperatures for late August." — Jay Austin
The North American Great Lakes are as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit above normal this summer, approaching record warmth in some areas due to a shortened winter season with scare ice, followed by a hot spring.

“They’re already at what we would have expected to be their peak temperatures for the summer, and we have several more weeks of warming to go,” University of Minnesota physics professor Jay Austin told The Detroit News.

Lake Superior commercial fisherman Ralph Wilcox told the paper that whitefish have become much harder to catch since they fled the warmth near shore for cooler, deeper waters.

Those fish that are still swimming near shore aren't biting. "It makes the fish lethargic and they stop feeding during the day," said Lakeside Fishing Shop co-owner Dan Chimelak.

This summer’s warmth also appears responsible for the unusually thick blooms of algae that have slimed some parts of the Great Lakes.

But the balmy waters have delighted many vacationers who can now swim much longer in the usually bracing surf.

Graphic Data: NOAA Satellite and Information Service