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Tropical Storm Bonnie Prompts Gulf Spill Shutdown July 30, 2010
Tropical Storm Bonnie can be seen weakening as it passed over the southern tip of Florida on July 23.
Tropical Storm Bonnie brought gales and locally heavy rain as it passed over the Bahamas and the southern tip of Florida on July 22-23.

Maximum sustained winds near where Bonnie made landfall south of Miami were clocked at minimal tropical storm force speeds of only about 40 mph.

There were no reports of significant damage or any injuries over South Florida as the storm weakened to a tropical depression due to its passage over land.

Fears that Bonnie would strengthen into a hurricane while approaching the coastal waters of Louisiana prompted the evacuation of vessels and personnel working to contain and clean up the BP Gulf spill.

But the storm encountered strong wind sheer after moving over the Gulf, preventing it from attaining even tropical storm force once again.

Tropical Storm Bonnie Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS