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Hundreds Injured in Iranian Quakes August 6, 2010
Quake Map of Iran
Iran was rocked by two strong quakes within a 24-hour period, striking the northeast and southern parts of the country.

The first quake registered a magnitude of 5.6 and injured more than 200 people on the evening of July 30 from an epicenter about 75 miles south of Iran’s second-largest city of Mashhad.

Iranian state television broadcast images of some buildings reduced to rubble and homes littered with broken glass and other debris.

It reported that the worst-hit town was Torbat-e Heydariyeh, where two of the injured were in critical condition.

The following morning, a 5.3 magnitude quake caused extensive damage in the Negar region, about 670 miles south of Tehran.

"Due to the old and traditional structure of the buildings, the quake damaged 700 houses," Negar Mayor Ali Reza Kazemi told the official IRNA news agency.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities.