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Heat Wave Driving Snakes Indoors August 13, 2010
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“They perform an invaluable service. They help keep rodents under control. They’re not aggressive.” — Bob Jankowski
The recent hot weather baking many parts of the eastern and central United States appears to be driving snakes into the cool oases of North Carolina homes.

Critter Control owner Bob Jankowski told The Dispatch of Lexington that the reptiles don’t like the hot weather any more than we do, and are just trying to regulate their body temperature.

He says he has a no-kill policy and releases most of the copperhead snakes he extracts from buildings back into the wild.

“When treated properly, they’re not dangerous,” Jankowski told the paper. “You just don’t want to step on them.”

Copperheads have a venom that is not especially toxic. While their bites are very painful, they are seldom fatal.

North Carolina leads the nation in the number of bites from copperheads, which live from northern Mexico to southern New England.

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