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Hurricane Earl Storms Across the Atlantic September 3, 2010
Weather radar from San Juan shows Earl brushing the northern Windward Islands on Monday.
Hurricane Earl inflicted light damage to parts of the Windward Islands before taking aim on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and Atlantic Canada late in the week.

The storm destroyed one home on Antigua and was responsible for uprooted trees, local flooding and knocking down unsecured items on other islands.

Earl strengthened to Category 4 force as it bypassed the Bahamas and neared the North Carolina coast Wednesday and Thursday.

It then veered slowly toward the northeast, missing the highly populated metropolitan areas of the northeastern United States.

Earl was predicted to weaken and skirt Cape Cod before dissipating over the Canadian Maritime Provinces on Friday.

Tropical Storm Fiona took a more easterly path with far less intensity over the Atlantic.

The storm was predicted to drench Bermuda early Friday with winds of up to 50 mph.

Hurricane Earl Track
Tropical Storm Fiona Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS