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Trio of Tropical Cyclones Spins off Asia September 3, 2010
Three individual tropical cyclones churned the waters of the western Pacific at the same time.
Typhoon Kompasu killed at least three people as it roared into metropolitan Seoul, South Korea, as the most powerful such storm there in 15 years. All of the victims were struck by flying debris.

The storm caused a massive power blackout across western parts of the country early Thursday, forcing the cancellation of flights, shutting down commuter rail lines and delaying the opening of schools.

Kompasu was one of three tropical cyclones that churned the coastal waters off East Asia at the same time.

Tropical Storm Lionrock prompted schools to close and ferry service to be suspended in China’s coastal Fujian province. The storm also drenched parts of nearby Taiwan before losing force over the rough terrain of interior China.

Tropical Storm Namtheun affected the same area a day later with far less impact.

Tropical Storm Lionrock Track
Tropical Storm Namtheun Track
Typhoon Kompasu Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS