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Hurricane Paula Prompts Mexico-Cuba Evacuations October 15, 2010
Hurricane Paula can be seen strengthening over the western Caribbean as it neared Cancun on Tuesday.
Hurricane Paula churned the western Caribbean, briefly threatening to lash Mexico’s resort of Cancun on Tuesday.

But the storm passed between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula before making a sharp turn to the east.

Tourists and residents in Cancun were briefly evacuated as a precaution, but the storm brought only scattered rain showers and breezy conditions to the resort.

Paula weakened rapidly as it approached western Cuba’s tobacco-growing region. Officials there had also evacuated a handful of people in low-lying areas that could have received flash flooding.

But the storm continued to weaken as it skirted the island’s northwestern shore on Thursday.

A tropical storm watch was briefly issued for the Florida Keys before Paula eventually lost force.

Tropical Storm Paula Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS