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Cyclone Giri Kills 27 in Myanmar October 29, 2010
The eye of Category-4 Cyclone Giri can be seen making landfall on Myanmar's Bay of Bengal Coast.
Category-2 Cyclone Giri roared ashore along Myanmar’s remote northwestern coast, killing at last 27 people and damaging thousands of buildings, according to state television.

Maximum winds reached 110 mph as the storm approached the Bay of Bengal coast near the town of Kyaukpyu.

The TV report said that 4,000 structures had been heavily damaged or destroyed, and that tens of thousands of people had been displaced in the low-lying region.

Giri underwent explosive strengthening during the 24 hours prior to striking Myanmar. It intensified from tropical storm force to that of a Category-4 cyclone within a day.

In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis underwent similar intensification before it killed more than 130,000 people in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy river delta.

Cyclone Giri Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS