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Cyclone Jal Leaves 11 Dead in Southern India November 12, 2010
Bay of Bengal Cyclone Jal can be seen approaching the Indian coast near Chennai (Madras) on Sunday.
Category 1 Cyclone Jal weakened to storm force just before making landfall on India’s southeastern coast.

But the storm was still strong enough to leave 11 dead as it uprooted trees and caused moderate damage to coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh state.

India’s Cyclone Warning Center said Jal was producing wind gusts of about 65 mph when it made landfall near Chennai (Madras) early Monday.

The storm continued to bring locally heavy rain as it dissipated while passing over the entire width of southern India.

Meteorologists continued to monitor remnants of Jal for signs of it becoming organized into a fresh storm over the Arabian Sea.

Cyclone Jal Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS