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Deep Warming Confirmed in Atmosphere's Lowest Level November 19, 2010
Upper atmosphere
Not only Earth’s surface has warmed during recent climate change, but the troposphere has as well.
U.S. and British climatologists say they have found that the lowest level of the atmosphere, where the majority of weather occurs, has been warming right along with the land surface in recent decades.

The study confirms earlier indications that the troposphere has been responding to global warming at the same time Earth’s surface temperatures rose.

NOAA and U.K. Met Office researchers documented the vast warming by reviewing 40 years of observations and scientific papers.

Some studies conducted in the 1990s failed to show the troposphere was warming.

This cast doubt on the ability of computer models to predict climate change, while prompting some to wonder if warmer surface observations were reliable.

But extensive analysis of data from weather balloons, satellites and surface instruments have revealed a consistency in global warming through the troposphere as greenhouse gas levels rose.

The researchers published their findings in the peer-reviewed journal WIREs Climate Change.

Photo: NASA