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Flamingos Gather In Flamingo Shape November 26, 2010
View of flamingo gathering
“It really was a very spiritual moment.” — Bobby Haas
National Geographic photographer Bobby Haas captured an image of a flock of flamingos that had spontaneously arranged themselves into the shape of one giant flamingo in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The Dallas-based cameraman had been taking hundreds of pictures of the birds from a helicopter for about an hour.

He says that when he was about to leave, he turned over his shoulder and saw they had formed the incredible shape.

“I guess this was a case of a real bird’s eye view,” he said. Haas calls the image the “holy grail” of wildlife photography since it's something never seen before and likely never to be observed again.

The world-renowned photographer says the gathering was only fleeting and the birds began to scatter after he managed to capture only one picture of nature imitating art.

He says it wasn't until he developed the images a few months later that he realised how magical the photo truly was.

Photo: © Robert B. Haas