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Another Indonesian Volcano Sparks Evacuation Warnings December 3, 2010
Satellite Image
Smoke and debris billow from Mount Bromo's crater on Sunday as seen from nearby Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.
Another one of Indonesia’s numerous volcanoes shot ash into the sky during a series of blasts about 60 miles east of Mount Merapi, which itself has produced devastation and triggered mass evacuations on Java in recent weeks.

Mount Bromo’s rumblings prompted officials to warn nearby residents to be prepared for a quick evacuation should the mountain become more dangerous.

Bromo typically erupts about once per year, but rarely spews debris and super-heated gas far from its crater.

Some of the approximately 60,000 people who have been living in temporary shelter since fleeing Merapi’s deadly debris have been offered homes on a less-populated island since the volcano is expected to remain active for some time.

At least 341 people have been killed in a series of eruptions at Merapi since Oct. 26.

Inducements to move to Kalimantan, on Borneo, include transportation, about four acres of land and the cost of living for six months.

Indonesia has about 500 volcanoes, nearly 130 of them active and 68 classified as dangerous. No active volcanoes exist in Kalimantan.

Photo: By Irawan Yani Putro - Flickr