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Mysterious Deadly Disease Emerges in Uganda December 10, 2010
Map of Uganda
All cases of the mysterious disease have been in Kitgum and the three surrounding districts in northern Uganda.
Ugandan health officials say they are working “around the clock” with international health experts to identify a mysterious disease that has killed at least 38 people in the north of the country.

All of the fatalities have been adult men, and a total of 91 people had contracted the disease as of Dec. 8.

Symptoms include headache, fever and vomiting blood, but Ebola and bubonic plague have so far been ruled out as the cause.

Ugandan health workers say they have developed a treatment that has so far halted the death toll at 38.

Northern Uganda, where the outbreak is currently confined, is still recovering from 20 years of civil war.

Poverty and poor sanitary conditions make the region vulnerable to contagious diseases.

Map Graphic: Earthweek