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Java Eruption Grounds Australian Passenger Planes December 24, 2010
Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo is one of five volcanoes that have emerged in the caldera of Java's ancient Tengger volcano.
Flights between Australia and the Indonesian resort of Bali were canceled due to ash from Java’s Mount Bromo drifting into the flight path, according to aviation officials.

The Christmas travel plans of dozens of passengers were affected with Pacific Blue grounding two flights between Perth and Denpasar due to safety concerns.

The Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center warned that ash from Bromo was soaring to 20,000 feet over southeastern Java and the adjacent coastal waters of the Indian Ocean.

Bromo has been rumbling for the past two months. Earlier activity forced officials to close two airports near the volcano.

On December 9, Indonesian officials lowered Mount Bromo's alert status to "standby" after weeks of diminished activity.

Mount Bromo is one of Java's most popular tourist attractions.

Local villagers traditionally climb the 7,641 foot mountain to leave offerings at the peak.

Photo: Richard Seaman