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Cyclone Wilma Lashes Samoa and Tonga January 28, 2011
Cyclone Wilma can be seen attaining hurricane force as it passed through northern islands of Tonga.
The South Pacific island nation of Tonga was battered on Tuesday by high winds and heavy rains brought by passing Cyclone Wilma.

Crops were ruined and several buildings in Ha’apai sustained significant damage.

Wilma caused moderate damage as it formed on Samoa and American Samoa two days earlier.

Storm-surge tides swamped coastal homes and buildings on the eastern shores of American Samoa, according to disaster officials there.

Wilma was predicted to strengthen to Category 4 force late in the week over the open waters south of Tonga.

Weather forecasters in New Zealand were expecting high winds and very heavy rainfall as a much-weakened Wilma arrived over the weekend after losing its tropical characteristics.

Cyclone Wilma Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS