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Cyclone Carlos Drenches Australia's 'Top End' February 18, 2011
Carlos can be seen attaining cyclone strength early Wednesday almost directly over Darwin, Australia.
Minimal Cyclone Carlos drenched Australia’s Northern Territory capital of Darwin on Wednesday with an all-time record rainfall for February of 33 inches.

Low-lying areas of the city were submerged as winds of up to 60 mph knocked down trees and caused scattered damage in several neighborhoods.

Emergency services rescued several motorists who had become trapped in or on top of cars that stalled in floodwaters.

One man was hospitalized after being injured by a falling tree, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The center of Carlos passed within two miles of Darwin before eventually passing to the southwest, where it lost force and eroded into a tropical low.

Darwin is also the unofficial capital of what’s affectionately known as Australia's tropical “Top End.”

The region is a vast, sparsely populated zone that stretches for thousands of miles and experiences about a half-dozen cyclones a year.

Cyclone Carlos Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS