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Chile Aftershock Blocks International Highway February 18, 2011
Quake Map of Chile
The strongest aftershock yet of Chile’s devastating 8.8 magnitude quake last February was felt widely across the heart of the country.

Thousands of coastal residents ran for higher ground, fearing the 6.8 magnitude aftershock on Feb. 11 could result in another deadly tsunami.

The shaking also damaged a highway running through the Cristo Redentor tunnel in the high Andes, bringing a halt to transportation along the main road link between Argentina and Chile.

Thousands of trucks were stranded on both sides of the border as repair crews worked to remove large boulders that were sent crashing onto the roadway at the mouth of Chile’s entrance into the 10,000 foot-long tunnel.

The latest aftershock ruptured in an area along two plates that did not release all of its energy during the Feb. 27, 2010, earthquake, according to Marcelo Farias of the University of Chile.