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Volcanic Ash Creates Philippine Health Hazard February 25, 2011
Bulusan explosion
Plume of ash soars high above Bulusan, and cascades down the volcano's slopes, on Monday.
A fresh explosion at the central Philippines’ Bulusan volcano caused ash to rain down on several communities, sending some residents to hospitals suffering from respiratory distress.

One young boy died from an acute asthma attack after inhaling ash from Bulusan.

Hundreds of villagers near the volcano fled as the restive mountain ended a monthlong period of relative calm.

Vulcanologists said the latest explosion occurred when hot debris at the peak of Bulusan came in contact with rainwater, sparking the blast.

The volcano is located about 240 miles southeast of Manila and began rumbling last November.

Officials said that despite the latest explosion, there was no evidence magma was about to erupt out of the cone-shaped volcano.

Photo: Philippines Information Agency