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Cyclones Carlos and Dianne Spin Around NW Australia February 25, 2011
The circulations of cyclones Carlos and Dianne can be seen spinning off the coast of Australia.
A mini tornado that spun up around a reformed Cyclone Carlos damaged buildings and cars in the town of Karratha, along Australia’s remote northwestern coast.

Chevron told reporters on Thursday that the storm also caused torrential rains and subsequent flooding on Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia, where the company operates oil production facilities.

Crew had been evacuated from offshore and island facilities before the arrival of Carlos, company officials said.

Natural gas supplies to households in Australia's northwestern region were briefly threatened due to the facility shutdowns caused by Carlos' arrival.

The cyclone had earlier drenched the Northern Territory capital of Darwin with record rainfall before briefly weakening to a tropical low during the previous week.

Cyclone Dianne swirled over open waters off Australia's northwestern coast. The storm was a threat only to shipping lanes.

Cyclone Carlos Track
Cyclone Dianne Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS