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Gust in Solar Wind Brings Day of Bright Auroras March 4, 2011
Northern lights seen from near Fairbanks
NASA space physicist James Spann captured this image of the March 1 aurora display just outside Fairbanks, Alaska.
A stream of charged particles from the sun rushed into Earth’s upper atmosphere on March 1, sparking a day-long geomagnetic storm that ignited a breathtaking display of the northern lights.

Sky watchers in Scandinavia, Northern Ireland, Canada and Alaska reported seeing bright ribbons of green dance through the night sky.

The ionospheric light show happened to coincide with an international scientific conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, on the aurora phenomenon.

“I am afraid now that I have been ruined for life since my first personal viewing of the aurora was so amazing," NASA space physicist James Spann told Spaceweather dot com.

Photo: James Spann