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New Cyclone Belt May Be Forming Off Brazil March 18, 2011
The disorganized circulation of Subtropical Storm Ariani can be seen moving away from Brazil.
An area of disturbed weather swirling about 300 miles east of Rio de Janeiro was dubbed Subtropical Storm Ariani by the Brazilian Navy.

That branch of the military has jurisdiction for issuing marine warnings in Brazil’s coastal waters, and for naming storms.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Arani was far less organized that Cyclone Catarina, which developed in the South Atlantic almost exactly seven years ago, in March 2004.

Tropical or subtropical storms are very rare in the region. Records indicate that three have formed since 2004, and the storms were unheard of before that time.

Catarina destroyed about 1,500 homes and damaging around 40,000 others when it made an unprecedented landfall in southern Brazil.

Tropical Storm Anita formed on March 12 last year far off the Brazilian coast.

All three storms developed at the same point in March, almost to the day, in a possible indication that climate change is creating another tropical cyclone belt during late summer off Brazil’s South Atlantic coast.

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS