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British Spring Arrives Early After Brutal Winter March 25, 2011
Richmond Park blossoms
Spring emerges in greater London's Richmond Park on March 22, 2011, as highs reached the low 60s.
Despite a spate of bitterly cold temperatures and paralyzing deep snowfall in Northern Europe during late December and January, spring has arrived in Britain much earlier than usual.

The Woodland Trust reports that hawthorns are leafing, blackthorns flowering and there have been hundreds of sightings of frogspawn (frog eggs).

“It won’t be a record-breaker, but will be another of the recent early springs,” said Tim Sparks, of the University of Cambridge and founder of Nature’s Calendar.

Parkland around London emerged in glorious color as temperatures soared into the low 60s on the first official two days of spring.

“It's rushing forward now, everything is desperate to become active, plants, birds and insects are all making rapid progress,” Sparks told the Press Association.

Photo: Dana Evans