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Two Russian Volcanoes Spew Ash April 29, 2011
Kamchatka volcanoes
A cluster of snow-capped volcanoes stretching across eastern portions of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.
Two of Far East Russia’s most active volcanoes threatened aviation and wildlife during eruptions that spewed ash above the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Ash from Shiveluch soared nearly five miles high near some key trans-Pacific aviation routes.

RIA Novosti reports an eruption of Kizimen volcano brought hazardous conditions to areas inhabited by wild animals, including some endangered species.

The news agency said reindeer were leaving their normal habitat because their usual winter food supply of moss was buried beneath a thick crust of ash-covered snow.

Experts from the Krontosky Nature Reserve told reporters that reindeer numbers may be reduced to less than 1,000 as a result of the eruption.

Photo: NASA