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Tropical Storm Aere Drenches Philippines May 13, 2011
Tropical Storm Aere making landfall in northeastern Philippines on Sunday.
The season’s second tropical cyclone in the Philippines killed at least 22 people but mainly spared the country’s northeastern agricultural region from crop damage.

Tropical Storm Aere skirted the central and northeastern coastal areas at the height of the planting season, setting off some flash floods and landslides.

About 111,000 residents in the coconut-producing regions of Bicol and southern Tagalog were affected by winds that locally uprooted trees and toppled power lines.

But rainfall from the storm was generally welcomed by farmers whose fields had been scorched by dry-season heat.

The Philippines normally experiences about 20 tropical cyclones during the typhoon season each year.

Tropical Storm Aere Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS