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Arctic Sprouting Trees Farther North Faster Than Expected May 20, 2011
Trees growing in a tundra landscape
Trees are growing farther north each year into Arctic tundra landscapes as a response to a warming climate.
Trees may grow up to 300 miles farther north in the Arctic under the influence of climate change by the end of this century, causing the tundra to disappear and bringing sweeping changes to wildlife.

The prediction was made by the head of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, speaking in Greenland to a gathering of foreign ministers of Arctic countries.

Aevar Petersen says that the greening of the Arctic is already occurring more quickly than predicted just 10 years ago.

He said that in some areas, evergreen shrubs are taking over from grasses, mosses and lichens that are typical of the tundra.

Photo: Denali National Park