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Massive Fish Kill Near Philippines Volcano June 3, 2011
Dead farmed fish near Japan's Taal volcano.
Worker skims off dead talapia floating in a fish farm holding tank near Taal volcano.
More than 800 tons of farmed fish in the northern Philippines died suddenly after the water temperature in the lake containing Taal volcano suddenly changed.

The restive volcano in the middle of Taal Lake has been on a level 2 alert since it was found to have lava rising beneath it.

The massive fish deaths were also due to a sudden drop in the lake’s oxygen level.

That occurred as the onset of the rainy season brought cool runoff into the lake following weeks of scorching temperatures and volcanic heat.

Taal has produced swarms of tremors for the past few weeks, which vulcanologists say were due to the movement of lava.

Photo: ABS-CBN