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Prehistoric East African Volcano Roars to Life June 17, 2011
Satellite Image
NASA's Aqua satellite captured Nabro's ash plume blowing westward into Ethiopia on Wednesday.
Eritrea’s long-dormant Nabro volcano burst to life for the first time in recorded history, belching plumes of ash near the border with Ethiopia.

Air transport was disrupted in the immediate region, and briefly threatened to stream into airways of the Middle East.

The Toulousse Volcanic Ash Advisory Center and the Joint Air Force & Army Weather Information Network reported that the plume rose to an altitude of 35,000 feet, and consisted mainly of sulfur dioxide.

The bright white color of the plume suggests it contains a high concentration of water vapor as well.

Nabro is one of many ancient volcanic calderas in the most northeastern part of the East Africa Rift Valley region.

Satellite Image: NASA