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Aviation Halted For Second Week by Chile Eruption June 24, 2011
Satellite Image of ash plume
Ash from Chile's eruption can be seen half a hemisphere away south of Australia a week later.
Ash from Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic complex circled the Southern Hemisphere for the second time, forcing another round of air traffic disruptions in Australia and New Zealand.

Experts warn that the fine ash spewed into the atmosphere by an eruption that began on June 5 could menace air traffic for months to come.

Meanwhile, thousands of people evacuated in southern Chile due to the initial blasts were allowed to return home.

But geologists issued an urgent warning late Wednesday, saying a “cork” of lava had begun to block the volcano’s crater, building up pressure that could lead to another powerful blast.

Meanwhile, MercoPress reports that ranchers in southern Argentina's Patagonia region were becoming seriously concerned about up to 1.5 million sheep and other livestock being forced to graze on ash-covered pastures.