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Tropical Storm Meari Leaves Dozens Dead in Asia July 1, 2011
The eye of Tropical Storm Meari can be seen approaching the Chinese coast on Monday near the tip of the Shandong Peninsula.
Tropical Storm Meari drenched a wide area of coastal China and the Korean Peninsula as it passed mainly over the open waters of the East China Sea and Yellow Sea.

South Korean disaster officials said at least nine people died, mainly in flooding, after the storm battered parts of the country.

High winds downed power lines in several areas, halting rail and air transportation for a few hours.

Downpours during the previous week associated with the storm left nearly 30 people dead in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Remnants of Meari later drenched North Korea with more than 4 inches of rainfall, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

Meari means 'echo' in the Korean language.

Tropical Storm Meari Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS