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Indonesian Volcanic Blast Forces 2,000 to Evacuate July 15, 2011
Mount Lokon venting
Mount Lokon venting following a major blast that rocked the Sulawesi volcano on Tuesday.
About 2,000 residents from two Indonesian villages were forced to flee their homes as Mount Lokon volcano began spewing ash near the North Sulawesi capital of Manado.

Vulcanologists had warned for the previous two days that the mountain, with a history of violent explosions, was coming back to life.

Tourists and residents were being ordered to remain outside a 2-mile exclusion zone as a precautionary measure.

Lokon’s last eruption was in 1991, when a Swiss hiker was killed by the blast and thousands of villagers were forced from their homes.

Nearby Mount Soputan erupted in early July, spewing ash and smoke 16,000 feet into the atmosphere.

Photo: Indonesian Volcanology Survey