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Typhoon Ma-on Kills One in Southern Japan July 22, 2011
CIMSS Satellite Loop
The eye of Typhoon Ma-on can be seen skirting southern Japan on Tuesday.
A weakened Typhoon Ma-on skirted Japan’s southern coast on Tuesday, leaving one person dead and dozens of others injured.

The victim was an 84-year-old man who was found on a river bank a day after he went to check on his boat during the storm.

Downpours triggered by the storm dumped more than 33.5 inches of rainfall (851.5 mm) on the village of Umaji, in Kochi prefecture — a single-day rainfall record for the country, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

High winds overturned a truck on the Seto-Chuo Expressway, and Japan Rail said that more than 100 express trains had to be canceled due to the storm’s high winds, heavy rain and threat of mudslides.

The eye of the storm briefly made landfall in southern Tokushima prefecture before making a sharp turn toward the east and passing over Japan’s Pacific coastal waters.

Torrential rain and strong winds from the typhoon injured at least 55 people in 16 prefectures, while one person was reported missing, according to local police and other officials.

But the region still recovering from the March 11 quake, tsunami and nuclear disasters was spared any inclement conditions associated with Ma-on.

Typhoon Ma-on Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS